Be The Landmark

 Purchase a landmark to leave your personal mark at a place you choose. 

To be remembered, to honor people and events, to make a lasting impact. 




Art for a museum, a religious item for church or temple, precious books for a library. With acknowledgement of your purchase.

Put your inscription on a useful, meaningful landmark; ambulance defibrillator, firehouse equipment, hospital equipment.

Something fun to liven up a local space; playground equipment, water clock, reading glasses at a library.

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Landmarks that make you smile
Landmarks: memorial
Landmarks: lifesaving landmarks
Landmarks: iconic objects
Landmarks: growing & living landmarks
Landmarks: statues

What we do

Be The Landmark offers a full range of Landmarks for purchase. Villages, towns, cities, and others offer unique landmark opportunities to fulfill your wishes.


Landmarks acknowledge; honoring and remembering people and events; fulfilling goals; doing good deeds and more.


Your landmark - in your town or around the world.

To remember someone
In a city that changed your life
To someone who was forgotten
For your parents
In a special place
To the love of your life
For our heroes
The spirit of your community
To honor your heritage
For your loyal pet
To mark achievement
Just for you

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